The NSC Difference

If you’ve dealt with businesses that sell copiers and printers in the past, you know that most of their revenue (about 90 to 95 percent) comes from getting their current customers to buy new equipment — whether it’s needed or not.

At NSC Diversified, we focus instead on reducing our customers’ hardware footprint up front and assisting them with attaining a significantly higher level of sustainability and, most importantly, reducing printing costs overall.

How Do We Do It?

We are the preferred partner for network solutions because we aim to provide a level of service to our valued customers that consistently exceeds their expectations. Our staff are not only trained on the latest technologies, they are also experts in delivering exactly what our customers need — and then taking service to the next level.

With an eye toward maximizing their existing investments in network technology, our experts assess customers’ current and future needs, then provide state-of-the-art design and solutions that are focused on increasing productivity while preserving bottom-line goals.

Our innovative solutions are so popular — and effective — that we’ve been awarded the Managed Print Services Award by the St. Louis Business Journal for 9 years in a row. This prestigious award is presented to companies providing best in class Managed Print Services.

In addition, we were tapped as the largest provider of Managed Print Services by the St. Louis Business Journal in 2017, a testament to the number of customers looking to us to help optimized their print and copy needs.

We Love Our Customers — and Our Community

It goes without saying that we have a heart for our customers. But we also love the community in which we live and work — a community that has helped support our growth through the years.

In giving back, we work to further organizations in our area that bring hands-on assistance to people and businesses in our community. Here’s how we’re doing that:

KidSmart logo

The Kidsmart organization collects and distributes school supplies to students on the free and reduced lunch program. Last year Kidsmart served 72,000 students in the St. Louis area by providing over 7 million dollars’ worth of free supplies. Our President William G. Adams currently serves as the KidSmart Chairman of the Board.

Rockwood School District

This Board focuses on serving the students and staff of the Rockwood School District through innovative programs, creating strong policy-based education and hiring decision for the school system serves, and acting as trustee for the people living in the Rockwood School District. William G. Adams, NSC Diversified’s President and CEO served on the Board of Directors from 2003 to 2009 to help further and direct the goals of this organization


As a member of the Board of Directors, William G. Adams worked with this pivotal business planning entity to provide strategic planning and opportunities for growth among our community’s minority-owned businesses.

We know we can make a positive difference in our community’s growth and prosperity by participating at the local level and partnering with our local organizations to help make our community great.

Photo of William G. Adams

Our President and CEO, William G. Adams has been a force in the corporate world since the early 1980s when he helped transform the business practices of several corporations including a large St. Louis based telecommunications firm.

After seeing the mistakes other companies made in their corporate culture, his idea was to create a corporate environment where employees wanted to come to work — knowing that this would translate into a superior workforce with a strong customer service ethic.