At NSC Diversified, we’ve spent over 33 years working with government agencies and private sector organizations dovetailing with local government agencies to provide focused services that streamline processes for maximum efficiency.

Our unique mix of experience allows us to focus on — and manage — the many challenges faced by today’s state, local, and federal agencies and those who support them, such as:

Operating with Reduced Budgets

Government spending continues to be reduced year-over-year, forcing institutions to find creative ways to stay current with technology while still providing the high level of service demanded by constituents and current legislation.

Getting high-level professionals to provide a proper assessment of print, network, and document requirements can assist public sector organizations with fine-tuning their expenditures to make the most of their budget.

Managing Print Costs

In order to stay within strict budget parameters, many public sector organizations opt to keep outdated hardware or purchasing cheaper equipment at the outset.

While this may seem advantageous at first, this equipment often ends up not only costing more in the long run, but also contributing to staff frustration at increased downtime due to equipment malfunction.

It can also lead to a bloated and inefficient printer fleet in an array of brands and models that is notoriously difficult to manage and control.

After an assessment of current print costs and needs, a custom-designed Managed Print program coupled with Managed Network Services can greatly reduce costs while maintaining a high level of productivity.

Device Management/Utilization

When equipment purchases are made on an as-needed or “as-the-budget-allows” basis, costs and inefficiencies can quickly spiral out of control.

As your trusted IT partner, NSC will analyze every device in your fleet, target those that are under- or overutilized, and provide recommendations for streamlining that can not only save money, but also increase productivity.

Digital Transformation

Advances in technology play a role in the transformation of every industry, and government institutions are feeling the pressure to convert hard-copy-based processes to digital as the world moves closer to a paperless environment.

Enabling a move toward digital competence is simpler when promoted through the use of managed services such as Managed Print, Managed Network, or Document Management.

Data Security/Regulatory Compliance

Document security and compliance with state and local data privacy regulations are a major concern for government agencies.

Not only is file sharing, printing, and content management more secure in a managed services environment, there is less cost and waste associated with strong digital-based processes.

Using secure Document Management Software in conjunction with Managed Print and Network Services can provide the kind of high-level encryption, access control, and disaster recovery required by entities that handle sensitive data.

Document Distribution

Government agencies rely on fast, accurate transfer of crucial data to keep their level of service high.

Using a custom suite of managed services gives organizations the flexibility to a distribute documents and information on an as-needed basis, keeps content organized at your fingertips when you need it, and allows for remote monitoring, access management, and assured security.

Our Government-Focused Solutions Can Optimize Resources for Efficiency and Cost Management

OMNIA Partners


OMNIA Partners is the cooperative purchasing organization that is driving excellence in state and local government procurement. Its unmatched breadth of competitively solicited contracts from world-class suppliers streamlines the purchasing process and helps state and local government agencies achieve their strategic goals.

NASPO ValePoint

NASPO ValePoint

Using a universally trusted procurement model relied upon by elite higher education institutions, OMNIA Partners brings unparalleled efficiencies and speed to the purchasing process to help institutions achieve their mission of student success, while attracting and retaining students and faculty.

Our focused experience in the public sector allows us to better understand the dynamics and challenges faced by government agencies and those that serve them.

At NSC Diversified, we have a portfolio of services and technologies that we can leverage to custom design a system to meet the specific needs of your organization.

These services include:

  • New hardware
  • Managed Print Services
  • Document Management Services
  • Managed Network Services

Our experts provide an in-depth analysis of your current equipment, budget, and needs to optimize your printer fleet, manage your network maintenance and security, and provide the ultimate scalability so your system grows effortlessly alongside your organization.

Our team’s targeted knowledge can assist your organization in moving into a paperless environment, secure private data for peace of mind and compliance with regulations, and keep critical information at your fingertips to ease staff frustration and better serve the public.

If you’re ready to discover how a custom-created suite of services can elevate your organization’s productivity and better manage your budget, contact NSC Diversified today!