At NSC Diversified, our decades of experience in providing cutting-edge knowledge and services to healthcare providers and other healthcare organizations allows us to manage the typical challenges faced by these organizations quickly and easily.

Our targeted experience assists our team in finding innovative solutions to common issues experienced by healthcare organizations, such as:

Operating with Reduced Budgets

Government spending on healthcare continues to be reduced year-over-year, forcing these institutions to find innovative ways to stay current with technology while addressing the needs of both patients and staff members.

With your average 1,500 bed hospital printing upwards of 8 million pages a month during daily operation, it’s important to get a proper assessment of print, network, and document requirements to lower costs and refine budgetary concerns.

Understanding the Cost of Printing

The cost of printing is more than just the cost of ink or toner. It also includes maintenance and service on hardware, updates and patches to software, and then the cost of paper and ink.

When there’s a budget shortfall, many organizations opt to keep outdated hardware or purchase cheaper equipment to try and stay within budget parameters.

However, while it may seem inexpensive at first, cheaper equipment often ends up not only costing more in the long run, but also contributes to staff and patient frustration due to increased downtime from equipment malfunction.

After an assessment of current print costs and needs, a custom-designed Managed Print program coupled with Managed Network Services can greatly reduce costs while maintaining a high level of productivity.

Managing Compliance

Compliance with federal and state privacy and data regulations is an increasing focus for entities that provide healthcare services.

Electronic health records must be managed securely, even while they are shared on a need-to-know basis among staff.

Automatic management and protection of data can be realized through the application of Document Management software, Managed Network Services, and Managed Print Services, all of which assist in tracking, securing, and storing data for IT and regulatory compliance.

Joining the Digital Transformation

Advances in technology play a role in the transformation of every industry, and healthcare institutions are moving to convert hard-copy-based processes to digital to increase intra-staff communication, heighten the patient experience, and provide more secure transfer of data.

Enabling a move toward digital competence is simpler when promoted through the use of managed services such as Managed Print, Managed Network, or Document Management.

Managing Security

Healthcare organizations handle some of the most sensitive and private data associated with individuals, as referenced by the increasing spotlight on data security and privacy legislation.

The regulations that govern data privacy and protection require strict compliance and oversight — both of which can be a burden to staff and resources.

A Managed Network Services provider can provide increased security and assurance through continual update of both hardware and software, advanced encryption and firewalls, pre-emptive protection, and real-time comprehensive network security managed on a 24/7 basis 365 days of the year.

Utilization and Optimization

In today’s healthcare environment, making the most of current infrastructure as well as promoting the full use of both new and existing equipment can contribute to significant cost savings.

Ensuring that printers are properly managed, optimized, and consolidated can provide employees with a fuss-free, efficient printing environment.

Both Managed Print and Network Services can enable organizations to effectively manage their printer fleet for reduced costs and improved productivity.

Streamline and Manage Your Healthcare Organization’s Print and Network Environment for Cost Savings and Efficiency

Our concentrated experience helping healthcare agencies and organization analyze their needs, manage their infrastructure, and make the best choices for their specific environment results in better management of resources and higher overall cost savings.

At NSC Diversified, we have a portfolio of services and technologies that we can leverage to custom design a system to meet the direct needs of your organization.

These services include:

  • Hardware analysis and consolidation
  • Secure data distribution
  • Managed Print Services
  • Document Management Services
  • Managed Network Services

Our experts provide an in-depth analysis of your current equipment, budget, and needs to optimize your printer fleet, manage your network maintenance and security, and provide the ultimate scalability so your system grows effortlessly alongside your organization.

Our team’s targeted knowledge can assist your organization in moving into a paperless environment, secure private data for and compliance with regulations, and keep critical information at your fingertips. We can ease staff frustration and create an environment that better serves both staff and patients.

If you’re ready to discover how a custom-created suite of services can elevate your organization’s productivity and better manage your budget, contact NSC Diversified today!