Modern offices are more digitally centered than ever. But they still rely upon printing and other office technologies as core processes to provide mission-critical staff and customer support.

Today’s printers and multifunction devices offer businesses exceptional flexibility, added security to keep sensitive information safe, and cost-saving features that make the total cost of ownership lower than ever.

At NSC Diversified, We Partner with Industry Leaders to Bring You the Latest in Print Technology

Our team of experts brings together cutting-edge technologies from leaders in the print and imaging industries, so you get only the best — and most reliable — print technology available today.

hp MFPs

Our Family of HP Print Devices Provide Your Business with Exceptional Quality

Known for their innovative approach to printers, both stand-alone and multifunction, HP has a long history of providing cost-efficient print devices that stand up to high-volume, day-to-day use.

In fact, HP has been designated as the most reliable printer and MFP brand for several years running.

Whether you’re a home-based business or a multi-million-dollar enterprise, our team can configure a suite of print equipment fine-tuned to meet your specific business goals and needs.

HP Printers

From inkjet printers with crisp, clear colors to the HP LaserJet series that offers a combination of affordable document printing at fast speeds, HP has a diverse variety of printers to match any size and volume needs.

Stand-alone printers are great for:

  • High volume printing
  • Photo printing
  • Specialized departmental needs
  • Cost saving if you don’t need other devices such as copiers or scanners

As an industry innovator, HP offers printers from standard office sizes to wide-format printers that can handle special materials, signage, and high-volume print production models to help you save money by producing marketing and other materials in-house.

HP Multifunction Devices

HP is the first name in award-winning printers that deliver cutting-edge technology at a lower total cost of ownership.

And one way to increase cost-efficiency in your office environment is to consolidate your office technology needs.

Instead of using up valuable and costly floorspace to house a copier, printers, and scanner, you can choose a smartly designed HP multifunction printer (MFP) that can do it all.

MFPs can also save money by reducing energy needs as you power fewer devices and the innovative LaserJet family further boosts your company’s sustainability profile through the use of more eco-friendly laser toner cartridges that are easily recyclable.

MFPs are great for:

  • Centralizing print processes
  • Cost savings when you need the functionality of a copier, scanner, etc
  • Space saving designs
  • Savings on power consumption
  • Some models have large ink reservoirs for more pages on a single refill

From small businesses to commercial operations, HP has designed an award-winning fleet of business machines to bring you both quality and cost-savings.

Choose NSC Diversified and Get Control of Your Print Costs

Our team of print experts can assess and analyze your current infrastructure to pinpoint areas for optimization. Leveraging our partnership with HP, we can provide a network of print devices correctly configured for your needs.

Schedule an in-depth print assessment/analysis with the NSC Diversified team today and see how the right print infrastructure can transform the way you do business.