Today’s offices are focused on digital innovation. But printing and other office technologies are still essential operations that support critical staff and customer-centered processes.

Modern multifunction devices provide exceptional flexibility to enhance performance, bring additional security online to safeguard data, and provide the right mix of cost-saving features to help control capital expenditures.

At NSC Diversified, We Partner with Industry Leaders to Bring You the Latest in Print Technology

Our team of experts brings together cutting-edge technologies from leaders in the print and imaging industries, so you get only the best — and most reliable — print technology available today.

Toshiba MFPs

Our Family of Toshiba Devices Provides Businesses with a Leading Edge

As a global leader in the print and imaging industry, Toshiba has invested heavily in the infrastructure and resources necessary to provide cutting-edge business solutions to clients around the globe.

With numerous awards for exceptional business tools, business-to-business products, and innovation, Toshiba’s line of state-of-the-art MFPs stand ready to help meet the specific needs of your business enterprise.

And, their Total Quality Commitment is one of the strongest guarantees in the industry.

If your device or accessories don’t function according to the products specs and can’t be repaired, Toshiba will replace them at no charge and provide a free loaner in specified situations.

Toshiba e-Studio MFPs

Toshiba manufactures an entire family of MFPs under the e-Studio product series. With many awards, including for the best business-to-business product and most innovative product, this group of MFPs brings exceptional functionality and flexibility to your workplace.

MFPs are a great choice for space-strapped offices, as they consolidate a copier, printer, scanner, and fax machine all in one small footprint.

Consolidating machines also helps businesses save money by reducing energy needs by powering fewer devices.

MFPs are great for:

  • Centralizing print processes
  • Cost savings when you need the functionality of a copier, scanner, etc.
  • Savings on power consumption
  • Space saving designs

From small businesses to commercial operations, Toshiba’s award-winning e-Studio series of MFPs can give your business a competitive edge.

Depending on model type, E-studio MFPs offer:

  • Page-per-minute speeds of 20 to 120
  • Max paper capacities from 2,900 to 13,500
  • Mobile-friendly technology
  • Customizable workflow solutions
  • Up to 240 duplex scans per minute
  • Self-encrypting HDD
  • Light production finishing options
  • Tab printing support

With so many options, it’s easy to see why a Toshiba MFP can be a smart choice for businesses looking for cost-effective but customized print solutions.

Choose NSC Diversified and Toshiba for Next-Level Office Technology

Our team of experts will help analyze your infrastructure to target areas where optimization provide the greatest benefit to your performance — and your bottom line. Using our partnership with Toshiba, we can configure the perfect office set-up for all your print and imaging needs.

Schedule an in-depth print assessment/analysis with the NSC Diversified team today and see how the right print infrastructure can transform the way you do business.